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Fahari ya Kenya Ketepa tea leaves 500Gms

Fahari ya Kenya Ketepa tea leaves 500Gms.

Kericho gold tea leaves 500Gms

Kericho gold tea leaves 500Gms

This is a full bodied strong tea that will stand up to milk or cream.

It is smooth and fairly strong with no grassy or bitter flavor

It would also be good for darker ice tea

The tea is mild and does not irritate the stomach

It has a wonderful flavor on its own or can be combined with some sugar and milk to make a great milk tea.

500Gms net weight

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Kericho Gold granulated tea 500Gms

Kericho Gold granulated tea 500Gms

Brand: Gold crown beverages
Country/Region of Manufacture: Kenya

A wonderful black tea from the lush, humid, high-altitude tea plantations

in Kenya,

Aromatic, flavorful, smooth, and absolutely *never* bitter (even if the bag is left to brew far too long!); with or without sugar, it's equally tasty. It's very different from the various Chinese and Indian teas; try it once, and you'll be hooked on Kenya teas for life. I first tasted this wonderful tea on my trips to Kenya, and having this tea here in the U.S. brings back fond memories.

Kericho Gold Teas and Infusions are tasty and full of fragrance that is why there is no added sugar, no artificial colors or preservatives, just the great tasting flavors.