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Royco Mchuzi mix beef flavor 500Gms

Info about Royco Mchuzi mix beef flavor 500Gms

Size: 500Gms
Brand: Royco
Style: East African cuisine
Color: Yellow white
Country/Region of Manufacture: Kenya

A natural spice/seasoning made in Kenya.
Its a common household name and the oldest spice in Kenya that retains its brand name for over 60 years.
Ingredients include:Cornstarch,salt,coriander,cinnamon, fennel seeds, turmeric,ginger, garlic, cumin, methee seeds, flavor enhancers and permitted food colorings.
Light yellow powder in color with a wonderful spicy aroma.
A product of Unilever Kenya Ltd.
Approved by Kenya bureau of standards.
A wonderful seasoning for all meat,vegetables and cereal recipes.


Tropical heat tea Masala 100Gms

Info about Tropical heat tea Masala 100Gms

Brand: Tropical heat
Country/Region of Manufacture: Kenya

Made in Kenya
One of the best tea spice blends available in Kenya
A wonderful addition to a cup of Kenya tea giving it a wonderful taste

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